Dentist Bruce G. Fay in Wilmington Delaware Rennovates the Office at New Concept Dental

Dentist Bruce G. Fay in Wilmington Delaware Rennovates the Office at New Concept Dental

I’ve often heard people ask why or whether it matters much that a dentist has a nice, modern office utilizing the latest technologies or a dated, low-tech facility that hasn’t had new furniture (or magazines) since the seventies. After all, can’t a dentist still do good work even in an older office? Of course the answer to that one is yes, BUT…  As I’ve said before, looking around at a practitioner’s office can tell you a lot about his or her attitude toward patient care.

If the dentist isn’t investing in his or her infrastructure, you’ve really got to wonder whether he or she is “keeping up with the times” in terms of how dentistry is being done these days. New materials, techniques and capabilities are emerging in this field all the time. If your dentist is still doing a crown or a filling the same way he did it 25 years ago, shouldn’t you be wondering whether the care you are getting is not as good as it could be?

Here at New Concept Dental we have always been committed to utilizing technology and advances in materials science to deliver the best care possible. When people ask me what the “new concept” in New Concept Dental really is, that’s always been the answer: Taking all that’s best in dental technologies, materials and techniques and using them to deliver the best, most comfortable dental care we can. So what, exactly, have we done to make New Concept Dental even better? Well, of course we encourage you to come and see for yourself, but here’s a sampling of the changes that should help you get the picture.

Two new operatories: By adding two new treatment rooms, we are increasing our ability to see patients in a timely fashion. This is especially helpful when trying to see patients having problems on short notice. Consultation Room: The treatment or exam room is not the most comfortable place, quite often, for people to calmly discuss their treatment options and all the other details of receiving care at New Concept Dental. We have added a comfortable, attractive and much more private space where these discussions can take place, once again enhancing the total patient experience.

Increased restroom capacity: Talk about comfort! Can you ever have too many restrooms? Expanded and improved business area: In the interest of making the business transaction and scheduling side of the process more comfortable and efficient, we have grown the “front desk” and made it more patient-friendly, especially for patients who may have physical limitations or disabilities.

In addition to all the functional improvements, new flooring, new paint, new countertops and other such cosmetic improvements just make New Concept Dental a nicer place to be, whether you are a patient or an employee. (Not surprisingly, happier staff find it easier to make patients happy.) We are really proud of and pleased with all the improvements we have made here at New Concept Dental. We think it was a terrific place to receive dental care before, and now it’s even better. We hope you’ll want to come check it out for yourself.