Laser Dentistry

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Laser therapy is ideal for dental patients interested in a comfortable and relaxed dental experience that delivers stunning results.An alternative to traditional dental methods, laser therapy, is a form of dentistry that provides pleasing results. Let us take a moment to explain.

What Is Laser Therapy?

In dentistry today, laser therapy is used for both hard and soft tissue treatments. In terms of hard tissue treatments, laser therapy is used to improve tooth sensitivity issues, for precise cavity detection, and to apply dental fillings. At New Concept Dental, we use soft tissue laser dentistry to make certain procedures like gum surgery, muscle attachment improvements, and gum reshaping treatments as comfortable as possible.

Not only is laser therapy used for routine procedures, but it is highly beneficial for individuals in need of the following dental services:
• Oral tumor removal (benign)
• Nerve regeneration
• Sleep apnea
• Teeth whitening

Laser dentistry in Wilmington, DE, has also been successful in treating temporomandibular disorders (TMD) that are painful and uncomfortable.

Advantages of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy dental treatment is advantageous for our patients in numerous of ways including the following:
• Does not require anesthesia – Nearly all of the laser therapy treatments done at our office do not require general anesthesia.
• Faster recovery times – Conventional treatment methods typically have longer recovery times. Laser therapy helps you get back to your daily routine faster.
• Lower infection rates – Bacterial infections occurring at the treatment site are rare.

In a nutshell, laser therapy gives our patients a better dental experience. Not only are our laser treatments comfortable, but they ease fears and anxieties related to dental procedures.

We take our patients’ safety very seriously. Dentists Fay, Redden, and Bayley always require their patients to wear special goggles throughout the treatments to ensure the eyes are protected from the laser treatment. Side effects from laser therapy include mild redness or soreness. This discomfort can be treated using over-the-counter medication.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Therapy?

Nearly everyone is an ideal candidate for laser therapy. If you want to learn more about how laser therapy can benefit you, give New Concept Dental a call today. We’re more than happy to speak with you about all the advantages of this innovative dental technology. Contact one of our knowledgeable team members to schedule an appointment today.