As ill-timed as it may be, there are occasions when a tooth needs extraction. Sometimes, this is the result of a primary (baby) tooth being misshapen, or because a tooth’s roots are too long, preventing it from naturally falling out. In some cases, a tooth may have to be removed because it is blocking a permanent tooth from erupting. Other times a tooth may have so much deterioration that it is putting the surrounding teeth and your jaw at risk. In situations like these, we may recommend taking out the tooth and putting a bridge or an implant in its place.

Other reasons we may suggest removal include:

• Painful or poorly formed wisdom teeth
• Orthodontic modifications
• Infection

Tell Me More about Extractions

If we determine that tooth removal is the best option, we may perform the procedure the same day. However, it is our experience that most of our patients prefer to schedule a separate appointment on a different day to make sure someone is available to drive them home after the procedure.

At New Concept Dental, Drs. Fay, Matthews, and Bayley take their time to make sure all parts of the root are removed to make extraction simple and as pain-free as possible. You see, each tooth in your mouth has its root encased within your jawbone in the tooth socket. A ligament holds the tooth in place in the socket. For a tooth extraction to be successful, we must expand the socket so we can easily detach the tooth from this ligament.

Although it may seem scary, tooth extraction is a procedure we perform all the time. When you choose New Concept Dental, you can be assured that we’ll explain every part of the process. You and your teeth are in good hands from start to finish.

Is Extraction Painful?

We always go to great lengths to make sure you are comfortable with any dental procedure performed in our office. Extractions are quick procedures, usually only requiring a localized numbing agent to ease any pain or discomfort associated with the procedure. If you have dental anxiety, please let us know, and we will plan ahead of time to speak with you about our sedation options.

Do I Need to Replace My Extracted Teeth?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. For instance, was the tooth that was removed a wisdom tooth? Wisdom teeth serve no general purpose and replacing them is not necessary or recommended. But, if you lost a back molar other than your wisdom tooth, we most likely will suggest a replacement tooth or bridge be placed to prevent future dental problems. You don’t see your back teeth, but they do play a significant role in the function of your jaw joint as well as helping you chew your food properly. Missing back teeth can also affect your bite as your teeth may shift after the extraction. Most patients that lose a front tooth due to a traumatic injury, or other reason, almost always opt to have the tooth replaced for cosmetic purposes.

Learn more about tooth extraction by calling our offices and speaking with your friendly, pain-free extraction specialists in Wilmington, DE.