Digital X-rays

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At New Concept Dental, we firmly believe that modern, state-of-the-art dental technology is just as important to your oral health as utilizing advanced treatment techniques. Day in and day out, we aim to offer our patients the most appropriate and safest treatment options available in dentistry today. Dentists Fay, Matthews, and Bayley always put their patients’ needs first and believe that you deserve the best dental care available, which is why we offer cutting-edge, digital x-ray technology in our office.

The Advantages of Digital X-rays

Let us take a moment to explain how digital x-ray technology improves your dental experience. Digital x-ray technology not only saves time, but it provides us with clearer images. Digital x-rays are also healthier for you, exposing you to fewer amounts of radiation than conventional x-ray technology. Our ability to offer our patients advanced imaging options is one of the reasons why more people prefer us than any other dental provider in Wilmington, DE.

Giving our patients a positive dental experience will always be our number one priority at New Concept Dental, and digital x-ray technology is just one of the ways we do this. Our patients appreciate the comfort and convenience that this technology affords them, and nearly all insurance cover digital x-rays, making it an affordable option.

The next time you schedule an appointment, ask us about the advantages of digital x-ray technology.