Dental Assistance Plan

Don’t have dental insurance?

No problem. We have a solution! We developed our own in-office dental assistance plan exclusively for our patients. In-Office Dental Plan is not a dental insurance. We created this program to promote your dental health and make our quality dental care affordable for our members without traditional dental insurance.

For a Lifetime Membership Fee of only $99 our members will receive:
•   Free X-Rays
•   Special Members Only Fees

10% fee reduction on all preventive, basic, and major service to include:
• Regular cleanings
• Periodontal maintenance
• Fluoride treatments
• Sealants
• Composite (tooth color) fillings
• Crowns
• Endodontic services (root canal therapy)
• Dentures and partial dentures
• Implants

15% fee reduction on all cosmetic service to include:
• Veneers
• Tooth whitening
• Bonding for smile enhancement
• Soft tissue laser enhancement

Additional savings on Membership Fees for added family members:
• Spouse- $89
• Child- $75

Membership will stay in effect for you, our patient, for as long as you wish as long as the membership requirements are maintained.
This is not “Dental Insurance”, it is a membership plan that provides discounts on all dental procedures. (Unfortunately no other discounts can be used with this plan)

If either of the following requirements are broken, the membership will be voided and will no longer be eligible for the membership benefits associated with this Dental Assistance plan. You must come in for the recommended Hygiene visits as directed by your dentist:
• For routine care: cleaning and exam every six months
• For patients with periodontal disease: periodontal maintenance every three months

You must give the office 48 hours notice to cancel/reschedule an appointment that you are unable to keep.

• Program only available to patients without Dental Insurance.
• Discounts cannot be combined with any other discount.
• The entire fee must be paid at the first visit. We cannot send monthly statements with this plan. We will be happy to set up a payment plan for you through Wells Fargo Financial services.

Advantage of our In-Office Dental Plan over Traditional Dental Insurance:
• No claim forms to fill out
• No monthly premiums
• No deductible (usually $50 to $100)
• No required pre-authorization
• No exclusion on pre-existing conditions
• No yearly maximum
• No denial of coverage for cosmetic reasons
• No 6-12 months waiting period before dental work can begin

Contact New Concept Dental today at 302-778-3822 to schedule your appointment, or call for more information about our Dental Assistance Plan.