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Do you need a single tooth restoration? Are you looking for a dentist that can complete a tooth restoration with one visit? Then give your local Wilmington CEREC dentist a call today.

What Is CEREC?

We know our patients want their damaged teeth restored without delay, and to look completely natural. Thanks to the dental technology known as CEREC, single-visit tooth restorations can achieve this goal. The CEREC technology not only beautifies your smile, but it strengthens your teeth. Constructed from the finest, metal-free, top quality material, CEREC is always compatible with your mouth’s natural tissue.

How Does CEREC Work?

CEREC uses a fine layer of reflective powder brushed onto the broken or otherwise damaged tooth. CEREC’s 3D imaging software will then take pictures of the tooth. The branded software studies the tooth’s form and analyzes its function. It then uses diamond burs to produce a perfect ceramic restoration. When this restoration is complete, it is bonded to the tooth using state-of-the-art adhesive dentistry.

Of course, this is just a short explanation of how CEREC works. If you are interested in CEREC, your dentist will explain the procedure in full detail and answer any questions you have during your appointment.

Why Should I Choose CEREC?

CEREC features many benefits that are not common with traditional crown technology. Below are a few reasons why you should consider CEREC:
• Timesaver: Because CEREC crowns are produced and bonded in a single visit to the dentist you can spend less time at the dentist office.
• Comfortable: Conventional crown technology requires the placement of a temporary crown that has a reputation for being quite uncomfortable. CEREC removes any discomfort.
• Appearance: The natural-looking materials of CEREC are not only strong, but the tooth-colored appearance of CEREC looks and feels natural.
• Resiliency: The CEREC method of tooth restoration is more effectual than conventional methods requiring pressing and layering. Because of CEREC’s strength, your smile will stay stunning for many years into the future!
• Fillings: Did you know CEREC technology is great for filling cavities? Thanks to their porcelain composition, they are stronger and resistant to wear and tear than traditional white cavities.

For more information about CEREC, call the front offices of New Concept Dental to schedule a professional consultation.